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                ABOUT US FUCHUANG
                Wenzhou Fuchuang Machinery Co., Ltd

                Wenzhou Fuchuang Valve Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China Valve City, Wenzhou Longwan, it is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing and trade of the products of chip buckle valves. The company adopts advanced production management mode, the product is produced strictly in accordance with ISO-9001 quality standard, established a perfect quality assurance system mechanism, and introduced advanced automatic testing equipment for valve at home and abroad. It has material chemical composition analysis, mechanical performance test, ultrasonic and Blavi hardness test, ultrasonic wall...

                • 維亞克管業
                • 維亞克管業
                • 維亞克管業
                • Equipment
                • Team
                • Service
                • Transport
                • Price
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